• Features Of Disney Heroes Battle Mode

    Disney Heroes Battle Mode is developed by adding different types of features. All features are beneficial in getting more entertainment and better game playing experience. All things are assigned to different types of features. The players are required to focus on these things properly. With it, the players need to use features carefully and try to get beneficial outcomes. If you want to earn in-game funds then consider Disney Heroes Battle Mode Cheats. Now I’m going to mention some features –

    Join the guilds

    The game is featured with guilds. Mainly the term “Guilds” is representing the groups of the game players. These groups are created virtually. The players those are joining the guilds they are able to receive some special services. These are also considered as the guild perks. If you want to become a part of a guild then you should upgrade the team to level 15. By it, you become eligible for creating or joining the guild.


    In the game, the players need to deal with different types of essentials. All these things are becoming a source of unlocking some items and other factors. If we talk about the trials then you can consider these as a good source of earning purple and blue badges. For availing its services the players need to touch the eligibility level of 20 related to their team.

    City watch

    When the players’ team level becomes 25 then the city watch is unlocked. By using the feature, the players are able to participate in different types of matches. In these matches, the players need to face the powerful opponents. If you get success in defeating them then you can receive tokens, gold and some other things. The players those want to make Disney Heroes Battle Mode Unlimited Diamonds they should put efforts here.

    Focus on crates

    Crates are the specific kind of stuff which helps the players in claiming some gifts and rewards. The players can get these crates free from different types of activities. You can find a guide, diamond, gold & VIP related things in the crates.

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    Some players are interested in playing the game with their own characters. It can be possible in the game by creating own character option. This particular option is available as the Coliseum. By taking its help you can easily design your favorite Disney character or hero.

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