• Disney Heroes Battle Mode is developed by adding different types of features. All features are beneficial in getting more entertainment and better game playing experience. All things are assigned to different types of features. The players are required to focus on these things properly. With it, the players need to use features carefully and try to get beneficial outcomes. If you want to earn in-game funds then consider Disney Heroes Battle Mode Cheats. Now I’m going to mention some features –

    Join the guilds

    The game is featured with guilds. Mainly the term “Guilds” is representing the groups of the game players. These groups are created virtually. The players those are joining the guilds they are able to receive some special services. These are also considered as the guild perks. If you want to become a part of a guild then you should upgrade the team to level 15. By it, you become eligible for creating or joining the guild.


    In the game, the players need to deal with different types of essentials. All these things are becoming a source of unlocking some items and other factors. If we talk about the trials then you can consider these as a good source of earning purple and blue badges. For availing its services the players need to touch the eligibility level of 20 related to their team.

    City watch

    When the players’ team level becomes 25 then the city watch is unlocked. By using the feature, the players are able to participate in different types of matches. In these matches, the players need to face the powerful opponents. If you get success in defeating them then you can receive tokens, gold and some other things. The players those want to make Disney Heroes Battle Mode Unlimited Diamonds they should put efforts here.

    Focus on crates

    Crates are the specific kind of stuff which helps the players in claiming some gifts and rewards. The players can get these crates free from different types of activities. You can find a guide, diamond, gold & VIP related things in the crates.

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    Some players are interested in playing the game with their own characters. It can be possible in the game by creating own character option. This particular option is available as the Coliseum. By taking its help you can easily design your favorite Disney character or hero.

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  • Episode - choose your story is a remarkable game.

    You can demonstrate about your different creativity to others. This is a real-time game with a whole new concept.

    The game allows its users to live a completely different story. In order to make it more interesting, more than fifty thousand stories are already added. Here you are allowed to write your own story as well.

    You can also design your own characters. It is quite fascinating for everyone to live a dream life and be the hero of your story.

    There are hardly any other games which are offers such features. This kind of role play games offers a huge range of different activities to choose through which you can easily spend your idle time in a very good way.

    Episode -choose your story game also offer many additional activities through which you can improve your skills in many different fields like dress designing and writing.

    The other thing that you must know the fact is that you can win the contests which are conducted in this game from time to time.

    By winning in these contests you can gain popularity very soon. People will start following your story and living ways if you are able to impress them by winning more and more contest.

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    Great platform

    Episode - choose your story is a great platform for the people who want to demonstrate their skills. Here you can write your stories and scripts.

    You can also make other different selections and design the characters the way you like it.

    In the last, you can also publish it so that others can read your story. This game will offer you a wonderful opportunity where you can also make a selection of avatars.

    With the help of latest modeling and tweaking techniques, it is possible now.  For example, you can choose the story feat. Mean Girls. This is a wonderful story about student life.

    You can live like a student and have fun in doing all the other activities which students do.

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    Earning gems

    There are some common values and activities which you are supposed to do in order to earn the gaming wealth.

    Earning passes and gems is very important in this game to have more winning chances. You can do this by various activities.

    Exploring the usage of episode choose your story hack no survey is also one of them.

    Show your creativity

    In this particular story, you are supposed to create a wonderful look.

    You can design this look by taking the best outfit. Use your entire skills in it. You can also flirt with other and find the perfect love life. 

    It is quite possible the other may or may not like you but be sure when you are making a choice. There you will also find different mean girls characters.

    Try your level best and make more and more friends be famous. You can also take active participation in different parties. It is possible that you may find an opportunity to date.

    With the help of these activities, you will certainly able enjoy the various episodes.

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  • Gaming on the mobile is one of the most growing hobbies for everyone. With the evolution of the Smartphone, everything has changed. Now they are becoming the best method to entertain and playing a nice game. You can spend quality of time on them and have more fun and entertainment. Now you can enjoy games like Ark survival evolved on your device and have more fun. The best part is that now Ark survival evolved mobile tricks are also available which can certainly make your day beautiful.

    Ark survival evolved and methods of winning

    Enjoy the wildlife

    You will be amazed to see the mysterious world of the wonderful creature. Almost every type of dinosaurs is present there to entertain you. You can have them as a pet to fly in the sky, run on the long jungle and swim deep in the water.

    You will be amazed to see the fact that water wildlife is also presented in a very beautiful manner and you can easily spend a couple of hours on the ark survival evolved game without any hassle. The gaming is very smooth and playing this on touchscreen will be a mesmerizing experience for you. The game is getting a huge response from the audience and players and millions of downloads are already done.

    There is some great ark survival evolved iOS cheats that you should take into your consideration here are we are going to reveal about them. 

    Kibble taming tree

    Sometimes gamers miss the most important part of the game because they don’t know about the importance. Well, you should not do the same mistake. Here we are talking about the kibble taming tree that needs your huge attention. This can be the most valuable thing for your Ark survival evolved game.

    You will be able to take the things faster than before and it will also help you to grow in many folds. You will be able to get more efficient Dino for the powerful play of your game. You will be able to get more dangerous Dino with the help of breeding. It is only possible when you have held on the kibble taming tree.

    Get the protection of the vault

    You should get the protection of the vault as soon as possible for you. By doing this you will be able to get more protection. Players use the walls to take the protection. But it is a noteworthy fact that vault is safer than anything else when it comes to taking protection.

    Try to earn more

    There is no doubt that earning currency is the most important aspect of every mobile gaming. You should also try to find out the places in the game and tasks as well to earn more. In the starting, almost everyone receives the same amount of the money through gradual gameplay you can collect more. The best part is that you can also enjoy many trade activities here to enjoy more and have more currency.

    These are some of the amazing tips that you should take into your consideration.

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  • Stickman Soccer 2018 – 7 Beneficial Tips for Playing the Game

    Most of the individuals are putting efforts into finding a better entertaining source. People those are addicted for playing the games they are focusing on different things. Stickman Soccer 2018 is a great option for these types of individuals. All players are trying to get details about the best stickman soccer 2018 tricks and tips. These details can help them in playing and enjoying the game properly. If you are interested in getting proper success then following paragraphs can help you a lot.

    Easy mode

    In the game, the players are able to set the difficulty levels. It can help them in checking their game playing skills and abilities. You can also see easy mode in the game. This particular mode is beneficial in developing some specific skills by which they can understand the way of playing. In the beginning, the players do not have proper knowledge. As a result, they cannot win the matches. Here the easy mode helps them in learning the skills properly.

    Choose team members carefully

    The players are required to create a team first. With the help of team, the players are able to face challenges and perform on the ground. The selection of team members is the biggest thing. The players are required to identify different types of things. They should try to recruit different types of soccer players in the game. If you are adding similar kind of players then you cannot perform activities on the basis of different types of game plans.

    Improve team skills

    The soccer team of the players is one of the most important elements. The players are required to put efforts into improving their skills and abilities continuously. It can be possible by upgrading the team and team members. Team upgrades are possible by spending lots of funds. The funds are used for buying the upgrading stuff and lots of other factors.


    Passing is a key for winning the matches. The players need to keep the soccer ball passing among team members. It is beneficial in creating confusion among the opponents easily. In case you are not considering the way of passing and keeping the ball with one member then your strategy may get revealed. As a result, the opponents can easily take the ball and start their game plan. For avoiding these types of situations, the players need to play the game in a smart and proper way.

    Be focused on the controls

    All players should be focused on the controls. The players those do not have proper knowledge about the game controls they cannot play it properly. If you are going to play the game, then you should try to understand the controls first. Lack of knowledge related to controls may lead to several issues during the match. The game screen is featured with a joystick and some buttons. All these things make the controls easier.

    Spend funds carefully

    Some players are facing lack of funds during the game. Due to it, they are not able to play the game and progress becomes far from them. These types of issues are appearing with the misuse of funds. The players should follow stickman soccer 2018 cheats properly. By it, the players can gather a big amount of funds and make several things easier.

    Try to avoid opponents

    On the ground, the players should try to avoid the opponent’s team players. It can help them in dominating the match and influencing the score. All these things are completely depending on the players’ efforts only. For such a task, the players are able to take help from the sprint option.

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